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  • Q. [Membership] What happens to my points if I close my account?
    If you close your account, all your points will be automatically expired and can not be restored. So please check your points again when you close your account.
  • Q. [Membership] How can I use ValuelinkU Points?
    Each customer's saved points will be used for various social contribution activities projected by ValuelinkU. In other words, your points cannot be used for cash. However, they will be used for social contribution activities and donation receipt will be provided to individual members.
  • Q. [Membership] Can I use multiple IDs?
    A member can create multiple IDs using multiple email addresses.
  • Q. [Membership] I want to change my ID.
    You can not change your ID when you registered as a member.
    If you want to change your ID, please cancel your account and re-join.
  • Q. [Membership] Where should I change my member information?
    Please go to 'My Page' on top of the ValuelinkU homepage and you may modify it.
    In the case of a corporate member, the member information is used as basic information on the shipping company, so please keep it up to date.
  • Q. [Membership] I am receiving mail from ValuelinkU to someone else (company). How can I stop receiving mail?
    ValuelinkU is sending mails to the e-mail address entered by the member.
    In this process, if another member entered your email address by mistake or hasn't changed email address used in the past, you may receive the wrong mail.
    Your request will be actioned if you register your information in the Service Center/VoC on the ValuelinkU website or send an email to valuelink2u@valuelinku.com.
  • Q. [Membership] I did not receive a password change mail . What should I do?
    Although a password change email has already been sent, your company email may have classified it as spam or prevents it from coming in. Please check your spam inbox.
    If you are unable to verify your password even using the above method, please send the following information to valuelink2u@valuelinku.com and we will reply to you after confirmation.

    -General member: Email, Name, Affiliation
    -Corporate member: ID, Email, Company Name (English), Business Registration Number
  • Q. [Membership] I can't remember the email address I registered at when I signed up. What should I do?
    If you are unable to verify your ID/Password because you did not remember the exact email address registered, please send the following information to valuelink2u@valuelinku.com and we will reply to you after verification.

    -General Member: Email, Name, Affiliation
    -Corporate Member: ID, Email, Company Name (English), Business Registration Number
  • Q. [Membership] What should I do if I forget my password?
    You can reset your password by clicking 'Login' on top of the main page, and then clicking 'Reset Password' at the bottom of the login page.
    Please enter your email address on the password reset screen and we'll send you a reset password. Sign in with your reset password and change your password.
  • Q. [Membership] Why should I enter my company name and address in English?
    The company name and address entered in English will be sent to the shipping company when submitting Booking which will also be used as the bill of lading information.
    You can search for an address using the “Address Search” and modify it in the form of the bill of lading information.
    When using the “Address Search”, please enter the Korean address and search, then the English information will appear.