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Platform Services creating opportunities through customer-to-customer connections and providing convenience at zero marginal cost

Shared Solution

Operational solutions shared to all users for free with a goal of digitalization of industry

About Us

The company contributing to the growth of the ecosystem and social evolution


Together, For a long time, Further and further
Platform Partners
  • SM 상선 eusu-logistics panocean 흥아라인
  • 판토스 남성해운 j-walong hellmann
  • cklines 현대상선 두우해운 범주해운
  • 장금상선
GSDC Partners
  • SM 상선 위동항운 panocean CLO
  • 삼영물류 남성해운 판토스 한솔로지스틱스
  • 대륙항공해운 j-walong 두우해운 에스위너스
  • KMTC 범주해운
Collaboration Partners
  • 부산테크노파크 관세청 KOTRA 한진물류연구원
  • 품고 인천창조경제혁신센터